Photos are my passion!

When I first saw 3D animation as a young boy (thanks Kraftwerk!), I knew that digital art was my calling.
I do all kinds of digital photo editing and manipulation, from their black and white (in my case black and orange) beggingings on personal computers to the latest virtual reality techinques.

Thanks to the advances in techonolgy, there is a now a widespread availabilty of devices and apps for experiencing VR and 360 content. That has helped VR move from an interesting niche to an essential part of modern marketing.

I started this business to help my clients develop new user experiences that will grow their value. My experience enables me to offer my clients a unique service, a blend of technical excellence and creative passion.

Through the years, I have collaborated with a wide range of experts, from photographers, directors, cameramen, architects to programmers and other IT professionals. Depending on Your needs, I have them at my disposal and not project is too big for us. Contact us to disscus your next project!

More about me

I started with 3D modeling and animation for TV [1], and continued with photography and design. I've got recognition for my photography and have shown my work internationaly[2]. I've done web development, and soon after created my own content managment system for the web[3][4].

I had a chance to do mobile app development for early smartphones, in the healtcare industry [5]. While working at the RISIK department (Razvoj inteligentnih sustava za izvješćivanje i komunikaciju) of the Teaching Institute of Public Health PGC (NZZJZ PGŽ), I developed a system for statistical data integrity analysis for all health records in the PG county [6].

I've spent the last couple of year working in the telecom industry doing development, implementation and maintenence of an IPTV system with over 50 thousand users [7].

At the same time did creative work as a freelancer. I have over 14 years of experience with 360 and panoramic photography, gigapixel photography and virtual tours.

I have not only created 360 content, but also helped with the development of the largest open source project for creation and manipulation of panoramic and 360 photography. [8].

In a related field, 3D scanning, I collaborated with scientists on the developlement of the leading SFM 3D scanning software of today. [9]. I have also worked with the Croatian Conservation Institute on digitalization of archeological sites [10] and used syntetic photography techniques for more effective documentation in conservation [11].

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